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We just love to be different. For this reason, with a lot of love and passion we are creating unique outdoor showers.

Our young team in Istria, with the help of family experts, produces, combining the tradition of natural stone with innovative technologies, the first outdoor stone shower that conquers with its appearance and provides a unique feeling of prestige.

With their minimalistic design and convenient size, they can be installed anywhere, some of them both outdoors and indoors.

The goal of our company is providing the world with new products through innovative ideas, modern design and high quality materials. We want to become leading brand of outdoor showers.

We are well aware that Infinty Luxury brand definitely broadened the outdoor shower market bringing dose of refreshment and innovation in it as well as causing great interest among potential buyers. Also, it is important to emphasize juvenility of our team that is yet to reach its climax when in comes to production capacities and product distribution. Taken into consideration that this story started in Istria, we were focused on building strong foundations in that area at first before we decided to expand on Zagreb and Dalmatia.

Constant hard work in improving existing products and coming up with new solutions as well as looking after smallest details has been recognized by our clients which have their own specific needs. Our vision is crystal clear, but it takes time to achieve intended goals. Until then, you can reach us throughout Croatia and soon - in a foreign markets.

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Owner: Stefano Ladavac Director: Stefano Ladavac
Base capital: 20.000,00 kn