Designer outdoor showers

Designer outdoor showers

We believe that every house, hotel, or beach deserves to be special.

Since June 2017 our young and dynamic team has been working together towards our goal of becoming a world-leading brand in luxury outdoor furniture.

Keeping a positive environment in our company, with a focus on continuous growth, is of great importance to us. Each team member is different and unique, with the same hard-working mind-set. We truly believe in ourselves, and in our products.

“Without passion, there is no emotion. We are dedicated and motivated to create something different, for the happiness and satisfaction of those who believe in us.”

Stefano Ladavac, CEO and co-founder.

Luxurious is what we do


Our designers use different elements and materials to tell you a story about a product we create – contemporary outdoor showers with innovative technology features, a modern and luxurious design.

What is the true value of a product or service, that betters your life?

Manufacturing process


Dedicated to professionalism, we take care of every single detail. Our team in
manufacture is doing excellent work when it comes to precision. Using the
best machines, they are cutting ceramics, stone, or HPL at 45°.
After cutting, the material is being glued and fixed to construction and by using the best tools our manufacturing team process the shower.
When the shower is finished, it looks like it has been made from one piece.
Precision and perfection in each detail.

Personalize your experience

“Freedom is realizing you have a choice.”


Choose your material:
– Ceramics
– Natural stone


– Matt
– Gloss


Provide your logo or name

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The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European funds for regional development. The total value of the project is 1.700.573,17 kn, and the co-financed amount from the EU is 1.221.142,44 kn starting on 08.11.2019. The project proposal is an adjustment of the product to the market and its commercialization. The aim of the project is to launch a new product in hotel and tourism segment. Implementing the project will result in the strengthening of the manufacturing capacity of the manufacturer and also with hiring new staff. The project is focused on citizens of Croatia and on strengthening the state budget and environmental protection regarding the renewable sources of energy with implementing new innovative solutions in information and communication technologies which are raising the standard of living. Project scope is: investing in human resources needed for implementing the project, adjusting the product for market needs, testing the product and implementing the test results into the product, preparing marketing activities for commercialization, protection, and managing the intellectual property of the innovative solutions. The project aim is: Raising investments in research and development of small and medium companies in „Primorsko Goranska“ county in the amount of 1.700.573,97 kn. The result will be achieved by conducting the activity of adjusting the product for market needs, testing the product, and implementing the test results into the product. Expected results of the project: increasing revenue trough sales in the amount of 1.280.00,00 kn, 1 new product on the market, hiring 4 new staff. Own share in financing in amount of 479.430,73 kn. The implementation period of the project is from 08.11.2019 to 08.05.2021. Contact person for more information: Stefano Ladavac – 091 720 0427. www.strukturnifondovi.hr

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