If you are looking for a long term solution then you found it.

Using only quality materials like natural stone and HPL, our outdoor showers are made to last for a long period. The contruction is resistant to all external conditions and it can be installed everywhere.

It is well known that global environment is looking for concrete solutions toward water saving and using renewable energies.

So we have developed a system that not only reduces all unnecesary water consumption but also produces its own energy.

When resolving all the technical features, we focused on design.

Today’s trend in arhitecture are straight lines and minimalistic design with a lot of white and gray.

After a few ideas regarding the design we decided that our showers should be adjusted accordingly.

But with a lot of respect to traditional buildings we also created a model with rustic details.

With simple lines and designed faucet they emphasize with their uniqueness and simplicity giving a royal touch to pool or beach environment.

Adding ambient illumination to showers simple and balanced design brings up a touch of modern aesthetic to outdoor spaces.

Not only that will emphasize the shower it will also point out your logo/name.

Usually the lighting is located at the top of the front side. In some occasions with water jet technology can be located inside of the showers.


ECO product

Some models of our showers are 100% solar powered, and they don’t require any additional power supply.

Total power of our solar system is 40W.

It’s well known that sources of drinking water are limited, so we developed a system with motion sensor which detects a movement in a second and shuts down the running water.

In this way all the unnecessary water consumption is reduced.

Sensor is programmed to recognize only human presence.


Feel free to express yourself.

Using stone or HPL as our main materials you have the option of selecting a sample from which you would like us to make your shower perfect for your pool or beach.

After choosing your type of sample you can also choose processing method.

The final touch is given by engraving your logo/name on the front side of the shower.

If you have any other ideas feel free to express them. We will do our best to achieve them.

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We didn't invent showers
we are just making them
in our own special way.

We didn't invent showers we are just making them in our own special way.

They are made to be different.