Infinity Luxury

wants to thank you for 5 amazing years.

learn what comes next.

Franko and Sandro Ladavac opened their small craft for the production and stone processing.

Stefano Ladavac founded Infinity Luxury d.o.o. and made the first outdoor shower made of stone.

The first shower was sold, and the customer was Dejan Lovren – a Croatian national football team player.

Miloš Jarić joined the company as an investor. We completed the first project co-financed by EU funds to the amount of € 200,000.

Infinity Luxury started expanding on forgein markets.

Marko & Nikola Jurman became partners and invested in the company to develop a world-known brand.

We created KORTA, our new brand that gathers all together: our place, our legacy, our material, and who we are.


Since 2017., Infinity Luxury provides you with the most unique outdoor shower solutions. Lately, we made a couple of changes. One of them was a total rebranding of our Company. We wanted to have a complete story that brings together us, the place where we come from, our products, our legacy, and our lifestyle. That’s how we created KORTA.

Thank you for all the support to Infinity Luxury for the past five years, it was an amazing ride! Now the time has come for KORTA to shine.

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