Design comes from the combined effect of all elements in a product. Colour tone,material, shape and size should direct a person’s thoughts towards buying the product. Therefore, it is in the product designer’s best interest to consider the market which will most likely be interested in the product. Keeping in mind how consumers will perceive the product during the design process will direct towards the product’s success in the market. However, evenwithin a specific audience, it is challenging to provide the best solution to each individual within that group.

Our solution was to create a product that, in its designed appearance and function, expresses our personality and tells its story. Products that carry such attributes are more likely to give off a stronger expression that will attract attention. On that note it is important to keep in mind that design expression does not only concern the appearance of a product, but also its function. For example, as humans, our appearance as well as our actions are subject to people’s judgement when they are making first impression of us. Similarly, a product can have an attractive appearance, but if its function does not follow through, it will most likely drop regarding to consumer interest. And that is why our designers use different elements and materials such as natural stone and ceramics, to tell a story about a product we create – unique outdoor shower.